Lora SchraftPhotographer

I have always been interested in moments. Ever since I developed my first negative in the dark room during a summer class at age 11, I knew I wanted to preserve and refine the visual aspect of experiences. Flipping through the pages of Life Magazine inspired my fascination with people and their lives. It drove me to study photography in high school and to get my first job at a gallery in Santa Cruz, California. Ever since, my camera has been a permanent necklace, helping me experience the world through it’s lens with a powerful focus.

I honed my skills at Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, CA studying Visual Journalism. After graduating, I immediately got a job in the South Bay as a staff photographer for the Morgan Hill Times, Gilroy Dispatch and Hollister Free Lance newspapers. As the main photographer for nearly eight years, I’ve gotten to know and work with many people in the community.

My real love is shooting events, candid portraits, and animals. I love spending time with people, getting to know them, and documenting their lives in a meaningful way. I enjoy creating books, calendars, and prints of people to remind them of their favorite times with friends and family. I always take comfort and happiness in knowing I am preserving important memories for people.

My two dogs and husband make sure that I am well-balanced at home. If I edit photos for too long, Schnitzel our dachshund will whine at my feet until I play with her and our Chihuahua, Beags. When we aren’t walking them around the neighborhood, my husband, Ross and I love to work on our house, spend time in Santa Cruz at the beach with the dogs, go wine-tasting, or just relax and hang out.

Working with pictures and their context has given me a great appreciation for the power of the visual media. With the tremendous amount of movement in all of our lives, I want to help capture and commemorate the significant moments that you may not even know you were missing.